Natural Remedies for Chapped Lips

It is important to remember that chapped lips and dry skin have many causes and can occur in any season. Sun, wind and changes in season contribute to chapped lips and skin as well as the dryness in the atmosphere of home. If your child is a “lip licker” then... Read More

3 Ways to Combat Stress and Restore Vitality

Has your life sped out of control? Has your health began to deteriorate? If so, keep reading as we have a three prong approach to regain control and bolster your health. Recently while traveling down the streets of Tulsa Oklahoma, my wife and I found ourselves amazed by the number... Read More

6 Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

1. Keep a sleep schedule. Try going to bed and waking up at the same time every day. It takes 70 to 90 minutes to complete a sleep cycle. If you are consistent with the time you go to bed and the time you wake up, your brain and circadian... Read More

Religion Is a Fatal Disease

Why such a harsh title to this writing? Before I give an answer to that question, let me preface by saying both Dr. Michele and I are born-again spirit-filled Christians. I say this upfront with the request that our belief system not be placed in premature judgment. Religion in itself... Read More

3 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

It’s that time year again when cold and flu can take over an immune system. Unfortunately, most of us take our immune system for granted until we become aware of its function when it starts to fail in its ability to provide protection. The immune system is very important for... Read More

How to Maintain a Healthy Sleep Cycle

Your internal 24-hour sleep-wake cycle, otherwise known as your biological clock or circadian rhythm, is regulated by processes in the brain that respond to how long you’ve been awake and the changes between light and dark. At night, your body responds to the loss of daylight by producing melatonin, a... Read More

14 Ways to Organize Your Life

Disorganization is rampant in our society. It rears its ugly head through anger, chaos, emotional instability, and overwhelmingness. Symptoms include depression, fatigue, financial debt, and even weight gain. Many of these symptoms can be avoided by simply instituting a few basic principles. But first, one must face head-on the answer... Read More

The Truth About Carbohydrates and Exercise

There is much debate regarding the necessity of carbohydrates as they relate to training. Specifically, the debate centers on the need for carbohydrates in regard to needed energy to train. To really delve into the issue, we must divide training into two categories: anaerobic (meaning without oxygen) and aerobic (with... Read More
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