Glycemic Index Food Chart

12 Guidelines to Minimize the Harm of Social Media

The might power of social media has revolutionized the society of today. Has the revolution been profitable? Absolutely. Has it been beneficial? Of course. However, we must not underestimate the negative impact. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram has great potential to do severe damage to your family,... Read More

8 Foundational Habits that Lead to Health

What exactly does it mean to be disciplined? Does it mean simply doing the same things over and over again? On the surface, we may say YES to the second question. In this application, we could simply do something of a poor choice over and over again and say ‘we... Read More

7 Ways to Pursue Who God Called You to Be

When I consider the description and characteristics of God’s heart, I find myself overwhelmed with emotion in trying to best describe it. There seems to be no one word or series of words that are adequate. In looking through the Bible, I am struck by God’s own words in Acts... Read More
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