How Grains Contribute to Disease

For the majority of the history of mankind, grains were not cultivated or consumed in any appreciable amount. Most humans lived as hunter-gatherers. Once civilization developed several thousand years ago and people moved closer together, the need to hunt and gather dissipated. Many health experts believe that humans are ill... Read More

When Your Word Meant Something

Wow, how times have changed! If you are like me and have some years under your belt, you have seen times change in regard to ‘giving your word.’ Your word used to be your BOND. Now it appears there is quite a divergence from that particular standard of ethics. Today,... Read More

My Cholesterol Dilemma

Being a healthy guy who is extremely cautious about what I put in my mouth, I am not immune from concern from time to time. Case in point – after a recent routine blood test, I was alarmed to see an elevated LDL and suppressed HDL. Specifically, my LDL was... Read More

3 Traits of Stability – How to Be Like an Anchor

Several years ago, I was gripped as I listened to a song entitle “The Anchor.” Without going into the details of the song, there was a particular line that struck me…. “the anchor holds in the eye of the storm…” This represents the difficulties of life and the sometimes unpredictable struggles life can... Read More

Episode 63 – Family Wellness

Dr. Mark and Dr. Michele talk family wellness. Families have lost family and lost communication. The doctors give practical advice on how to bring back family. This episode will bless and encourage you.

5 Ways to Overcome Food Addiction

Today, during our busy lives in general, business meetings, church committees, and family gatherings center around what and where we will eat. Think about that for a moment! Rather that appreciating the concept of food (fuel for the body), we have allowed food to become the CONTROLLER of our lives and birthed self-descriptive terms like... Read More

5 Ways to Achieve Balance in an Unbalanced World

Today’s world can be characterized by the following: unpredictable, worrisome, chaotic, and stressful. Do these sound like characteristics of your own life at present? If so, continue reading and learn how to find balance amidst the unbalance of today. To find balance, we must first understand a workable definition of... Read More
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