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Episode 67: Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Inflammation is the precursor to sickness and disease. Listen in as Drs. Mark and Michele give you insight and some great choices of anti-inflammatory foods. You will be encouraged and blessed.

Your Past Does Not Decide Your Future

Because my whole life centers around total wellness, and the fact that I realize people form opinions based on first impressions, I thought I would dispel a few things about my own life.  Things have NOT been easy for me. On the contrary, I have had many hard times.  Allow... Read More

10 Questions to Determine How Successful You Are

I was recently contacted regarding my post about courage. In the comment, I was asked the question, “What is success?” First I think it wise to identify the most popular definition of success and then go from there. With that said, success can be defined as follows: The favorable or... Read More

Does Eating Fat Make You Fat?

There are some common misconceptions about eating fat. For the last 20 years or so, society has developed a skewed belief that eating fat makes one fat. However, that is not altogether true. As you probably have heard, there is a growing population of proponents of the paleo or primal... Read More

Episode 66 – Vitamin D

The down and dirty on Vitamin D. Many of your longing questions are answered by Drs. Mark and Michele. Enjoy this easy to understand and uplifting time of incredible information.

11 Questions to Ask Yourself About Courage

I recently noticed a sign which said, “It takes courage to succeed.” I began think about that…first, what is meant by courage, and second, what is meant by success? Courage is reflected clearly in the concept of walking through fear to face a worthy cause head-on. Success is rooted in... Read More

Why You Should Consider Taking Supplements

Each morning upon waking, I am faced with the process of taking my pills. I am not speaking of medication but of supplements. For far too long we may have misunderstood the intent and action of supplements. It does not help matters since savvy marketers promise the world to get... Read More
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