Glycemic Index Food Chart

Mom’s Top 10 Character Development Tips

If we have lived enough years, we have experienced the loss of a loved one. Sadly, the more years in which we live, the more loss we experience. Certainly it does not get easier with time. However, the reflection of life, its meaning, and its relevance does get easier. And it... Read More

Why Do We Use Sugar as Bait?

While standing in a line to go into a movie theater, I hear a father say to his kids, “Pick out what kind of candy you want.” While preparing for church to begin, I hear a pastor say, “Only 5 more minutes to get your coffee and donuts before service... Read More

Episode 57: Gut Health Explained

Dr. Mark and Dr. Michele take the mystery and unknown out of gut health. Such a popular and often discussed subject is broken down in an easily explained format. 4E TV is honored to equip you with the tools necessary for your health and well being.

Why U.S. Dietary Guidelines Have Failed Us

Fifty years of doctors’ advice and government eating guidelines don’t tell us the full story. We’ve been told to swap eggs for cereal. But that recommendation is dead wrong. In fact, it’s very likely that this bad advice has killed millions of Americans. Sugar is the number one inflammatory agent... Read More

3 Ways to Conquer Your Demanding Body

When we think of the concept of authority, we often draw out the words, “delegation, power, command, control, or jurisdiction.” We readily understand this concept in regard to family (parents authority over children) and employment (bosses authority over subordinates). Sometimes this authority must be strongly enforced with the verbal cues... Read More

6 Questions to Ask Yourself About Healthcare

I am oftentimes characterized as “radical.” I would hesitate to use the word “radical” in describing me, but I would use the word “inquisitive.” In other words, I question the current while not forgetting the former. Let me translate that further by saying that I ask questions as to WHY... Read More
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