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Physical Wellness

How Exercise Can Add 3 Years to Your Life

In working with people across the world, I am continually met with the question in regard to physical activity, “What’s the use?” I feel compelled to address this head-on. First, the majority of large health organizations recommend, as a minimum,... Read More

Skip the Free Chips & Salsa

As I have crisscrossed the country, I have noticed a common theme in our restaurants and cafes. I like to call this “the great grain giveaway.” People seem to like the free bread and/or chips, so restaurants have certainly obliged... Read More

The 5 Steps to Wellness

There are places and times where a decision must be made. These are sometimes referred to as “forks in the road.” One such decision pertains to health. I see numerous people who have experienced the reality of this impending decision... Read More

The Healthy Eating Out Plan

Being a person who really goes to the extreme in nutrition, I sometimes get asked questions that include the following: What do you eat when you go out? Do you ever cheat on your diet? Where do you go when... Read More

Mental & Emotional Wellness

A Relaxation Technique to Lower Stress

We all know what it feels like when the Sympathetic Nervous System (fight or flight) is aroused – increase in blood pressure, heart rate, respiration, adrenaline, muscle tension, and perspiration. We sometimes “try” to calm down, but find ourselves in... Read More

Commitment Phobia

Phobia is defined as an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something. When I mention this condition, we often link it with the fear of crowds, the fear of heights, or the fear of being closed in.  However,... Read More

The Art of Uncommon Courtesy

During a recent visit to the post office, I saw a woman holding several packages in her arms as she approached the front entry doors. Without thinking, I quickly opened the door for her and said, “There you go ma’am.”... Read More

Spiritual Wellness

Pre-habilitate Your Church or Ministry

Pre-habilitation is a form of strength training designed to prevent injuries BEFORE they occur. However, this term can be effectively used in your personal life, family, employment, business, and church.  Pre-habilitation defined:  “It is the management style of incorporating proactive... Read More

Is our faith a private matter?

This question has been a topic of conversation and point of contention for a number of years. Some stand on one side with great passion while others stand at any point in between.  Let me take a few moments to... Read More