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Episode 52 – Conquering Stress

Hyper-vigilance (being overly stressed) will kill. Find out how and why along with what you can do about it. Listen as 4E TV’s Drs. Mark and Michele explain. Learn these easy techniques today.

4 Keys to Living a Life Without Limits

How many times in life have we heard the statement, “You can’t do that”? As for me, I have heard it plenty and many times it has been directed at me. Words are powerful, and words leave lasting scars. On the flip side, words can also leave lasting stars. There... Read More

DNA Testing: The Future Is Now

During my course of dealing with patients and clients, I am continually confronted with a person’s frustration regarding why something is ‘not working.’ Of course, I can provide guidelines, tips, and even suggestions to assist in finding exactly the right path for each person. Because of my experience, I am right more times than... Read More

Episode 50: Q&A – Nutrition & Exercise

Drs. Mark and Michele answer common questions asked by viewers. What do they do in regard to supplements, workouts, food, rest? Find out how the experts do it. Questions Answered in this Episode What is yoga and why should I do it? (8:32) What are your thoughts on CrossFit? (13:54)... Read More

The Benefits of Detox

I normally plan to detox 2-3 times a year. In a toxic world, no matter how ‘clean’ you eat, you cannot escape the toxins in our food, water, environment, and culture. I truly look forward to doing it. During my last one, which I completed in the last 30 days,... Read More

The Right Way to Eat Fast Food

When we speak of value in regards to food, we are normally talking about a lot of food for little money. However, I believe we should consider in the equation the ‘value’ of the food itself. Is it quality and will it bring you nourishment? After all, nourishment is the... Read More

For People Who Want to Make the Most of Every Moment

Recently, while on a business getaway with my fiancé, I was struck by the beauty of the surroundings…mountains, waterfalls, and sunshine along with that indescribable sound of joy. At that moment, it occurred to both of us that we had been to many such places throughout our lives. Unfortunately, even... Read More
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