Taking Care of God’s Most Important Creation

God has instructed us to take care of the temple. However, the temple He speaks of is not a building; it is your body. Your body was created uniquely in every way. The Bible clearly states in Psalm 139:13 that each of us were “knit” together in our mother’s womb.... Read More

5 Tips to Becoming to a Healthier, More Energetic You

Our diet is more depleted than ever before. We are eating so little nutrient-dense food. We continue to make poor food choices. We are dying from slow cellular death because there are little to no micronutrients available for physiologic function. The problem is that most of us are unaware. Our... Read More

Say What You Need to Say

Recently I observed an encounter that dramatically impacted my life. The scene, between my wife and her mother, took place in a retirement home near Dallas, TX. As I describe this event, please remember this: say what you need to say, because one day you may not be able to... Read More

3 Ways to Rekindle the Hero Inside of You

Historically, heroes are memorialized because of incredible actions, lives, or legacy. Heroes give their lives for a cause, have immeasurable passion, and indescribable courage. They stand out from the crowd, they speak up when no one else will, and they step up to heights few have ever experienced. By those... Read More

A Guide for Spending 10% of Your Day on Wellness

10 is a unique number. It has been used variously in our society including, describing perfection or indicating an expected percentage. In either of these contexts, the overlying theme is a targeted goal. Describing it better, I can say, “We will never be perfect but we can tailor our effort... Read More
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